tipsReading data

  • Skim through the case study
  • Look for any underlying themes and highlight accordingly
  • Read all the questions carefully and think about how the themes may fit in
  • Re-Read the case study, noting all of the relevant concepts
  • Read the title of the data carefully and note the source
  • Be on the lookout for selective or biased evidence
  • Spend some time analysing the data

Answering questions

  • Make use of the data by marrying it with theory

–          Theory is used to supplement data or when the data does not provide sufficient clues

–          When using data, identify the source.

  • Take note of the marks awarded

–          1-2 marks, no elaboration is needed as every mark correspondences to a point

–          3-4 marks, provide 2 points with elaboration

–          5-6 marks, 3 points with elaboration

–          ≥ 7 marks, every 3 marks correspondences to a point. Full development of points, evaluation and a balanced argument are required.

  • Express ideas clearly with vigour
  • Be critical of data only when it is relevant to answering the question