Just for fun, every year I do some predictions of essay questions.

Previously I only kept it for my students. But since last year, I have openly posted the recommendations just for fun.

I have to say I did pretty well for 2013! Jackpot for at least 3 essay questions! Which means if you only studied my recommendations for last year, you would have done very very well!

Read here for 2013 prediction.

Anyway it is time to do some prediction and I do have some recommendations coming which I am already feeding our current students with.

We will reveal them soon.

Stay tuned!


P.S: In case you did not notice, I posted “JUST FOR FUN” 2 times.

P.P.S: It is really JUST FOR FUN. Our featured image is a chimp to prove our point.



 Here it is 2014 predictions


Answer three questions in total.

Section A

One or two of your three questions must be from this section.

1. Comparing the first and last bidding exercise in 2012, COE premiums for all categories have risen. COE for small cars hit a new high at $81,889 this month while COE for big cars hit a new record at $94,502 in August.

Discuss the different supply and demand factors and their likely importance in determining the reported changes in the prices of COE in Singapore.  [25m]

2. At Budget 2012, the Government announced the Bus Service Enhancement Fund of $1.1 billion to buy and run 550 more public buses over the next 5 years to improve bus services for the public. Mr Tharman estimated that without government help, fares would have had to go up by about 12 to 13 per cent.

a) Explain the need for the Government to subsidise the bus fleet. [10m]

b) Discuss the effectiveness of the above mentioned policy. [15m]

3. Explain which market structure best explains the market behaviour of budget airlines like Scoot and discuss the likely effects of the ongoing recession on both Singapore Airlines and Scoot.                                                                              [25m]

Section B

One or two of your three chosen questions must be from this section.

4. Singapore’s consumer price index (CPI) rose to 4.3% in December 2012, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics. Singapore’s 2012 inflation was 3rd highest reading since 1991.

a) Explain what is keeping inflation high in Singapore. [10m]

b) Discuss the policies that the Singapore Government can adopt to mitigate the problems associated with rising inflation. [15m]

5. In 2012, currency traders rapidly shifted assets to countries seen as less likely to try to weaken their currencies, amid concern that the round of US monetary easing could trigger another clash in the “currency wars”.

Discuss the likely impact of ongoing monetary easing and currency war on the Singapore economy. [25m]

6. “Trade protectionism is shortsighted and narrow-minded, and it cannot fundamentally address the problems of unemployment and economic growth worldwide,” said Mr Wan, who is president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.
a)Explain why protectionism exist. [10m]

b) Discuss whether you agree with his view.  [15m]

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  1. Dave

    Hi! I would like to have some updates on the prediction for 2014. Many thanks!

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    here it is! Have fun trying the questions!

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      Hi anyone interested in discussing and debating the topics given?

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    i know this is just a prediction, but 2013 already came out inflation, do u think inflation will also have a high chance coming this year?? since u did predict inflation will be coming out. Thanks!

    1. econs

      Hi, thanks for your comment. I think anything and everything can come out as a question.There are no guidelines. Its just for fun.

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