H2 Economics exam format is an output exercise. Simple as that. The problem with most students is that they do not practice the actual essay writing process i.e. the output process. Most students simply read and memorise notes or look at essay outlines and feel satisfied that they have done the necessary practice.

Now let me tell you a secret that will dramatically improve your potential score at least 25%.

You need to practice writing under exam conditions.

I know this sounds easy but it is actually the most difficult thing to do. It sounds naggy even. But you know it deep within you that I am right. You need to write.

You see, everytime I have to convince my students to write, I will illustrate with this example. I have watched my mum cook for 30 years and I still do not know how to cook! Why? Because I have not done the actual cooking myself!

Likewise, if you just read notes, look at essay outlines, it will NOT make you a good essay writer. You need to write. Under exam conditions.

In the Army, recruits simply follow instructions because they are NEW. They do not ask questions or pause to ponder or they face the wrath of their sergeants. Why? Because the sergeants are veterans and they know their stuff. You can ask a million questions and not do a thing and you get killed if you do the wrong things.

In the case of essay writing for H2 or H1 Economics exams, you are NEW. This is probably your first A level. I have done this for CLOSE TO A DECADE. I can tell whether you know your stuff by asking a few questions and also can predict what grades you are going to get by looking at the way you write in the first 5 mins. And I can tell you this. The single most significant factor that differentiates an A student from others is that they write more than other students. Under exam conditions.

Now why do I keep stressing under exam conditions?

Because some students PRETEND to write under exam conditions. A typical revising scenario would be like this. They look at the question, they ponder for 10mins, write some fuzzy outline, write for 10 mins and flip flop through the answers and get distracted by their handphones. 50 mins later they are still at the second paragraph. This is call PRETENDING to write under exam conditions.

So what we do in our h2 economics tuition classes is we simulate the exam condition ALOT. I give students only 15 mins to write a 10 marks essay. They have to churn out 2 pages within 15mins. 15 mins includes reading the question, mentally preparing the outline and actual writing. This kind of training is akin to training Navy SEALS. Why such harsh training you may ask? Because it pays to be a winner.