Watch this space for the latest updates on what we think the 2015 H2 Economics essay questions are going to be.

Our analysis is dependent on a certain multivariate complex gaussian distribution of political economics news reports both local and foreign. As the constant fluctuation of everlasting change is imminent, we co-relate with past year questions. Indeed, it is the instabilities, the possibilities for rematerialization, pened up by this process that mark our predictions in which the force of the regulatory law can be turned against itself to spawn rearticulations that call into question the hegemonic force of that very regulatory law.


…we do this for fun. Seriously.

Here we go!


Answer three questions in total.

Section A

One or two of your three questions must be from this section.

1. China has become the world’s second largest energy consuming country after United States of America. Flourishing economic countries like India and China are becoming huge oil consumers.

On the other hand, the rise of hydraulic fracking from Montana to Texas to Pennsylvania has lifted U.S. oil production mightily, from 5.6 million barrels a day in 2010, to a current rate of 9.3 million.

Discuss the above mentioned factors and their likely importance in determining oil prices in the world.  [25m]

2. “The reality we face is that interest rates are extraordinarily low, globally and in Singapore, and continue to add fuel to our property market. We have to take this further round of measures now, to check recent market trends and avoid a more serious correction in prices further down the road.” Minister for Finance Tharman Shanmugaratnam 2013

a) Explain the need for government intervention in the above market. [10m]

b) Discuss whether public housing should be subsidised. [15m]

3. Alibaba is the clear e-Commerce leader in China, but still stands to gain from overall e-Commerce growth in China, market share expansion (e.g., new categories, increased mobile monetization, offline initiatives) and longer-term, international expansion..

a) Explain why a firm like Alibaba will want to continue to grow big.  [10m]

b) Discuss if having bigger firms will necessarily bring about more welfare for consumers. [15m]

Section B

One or two of your three chosen questions must be from this section.

4. Singapore’s consumer price index (CPI) rose to 4.3% in December 2012, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics. Singapore’s 2012 inflation was 3rd highest reading since 1991.

a) Explain what is keeping inflation high in Singapore. [10m]

b) Discuss the policies that the Singapore Government can adopt to mitigate the problems associated with rising inflation. [15m]

5. Singapore has maintained an annual unemployment rate at approximately 2% since 2010. It was 1.9% in 2013. Discuss the effectiveness of policies that Singapore government currently adopts to maintain low unemployment in view of competitive pressures from emerging economies. [25m]

6. a)Explain why protectionism exist. [10m]

b) Discuss whether you agree that globalisation has more merits for developed than developing countries.  [15m]


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