I have always been asked why should a JC student join JC H2  Economics Tuition in Singapore when students are already going through Economics lectures and tutorials in schools.

Here are my 10 reasons why and how JC H2 Economics Tuition can help you….and instead of racking my brains, I have the past year students tell you instead.

1. Daniel AJC

“I was failing my Econs (H2) tests and exams before joining Mr Teng’s Economics tuition classes. After just 6 months of lessons, my grades gradually improved and I scored a “C” for the school Prelims. Because the techniques were so effective, I went for additional classes in October and November for last minute revision. What truly amazed me was when I went on to score an “A” for the 2010 GCE “A” Levels. It was like a dream come true!

Before : E/F grades

After   : “C” for Prelim, “A” for GCE A-Level


2. GeraldineAJC

“I was struggling with my Economics (H2), and needed help with the complicated Macro Economic concepts as they are somehow linked but our school teaches them in separate topics. After joining Mr Teng’s classes in ace scorers tuition centre, my grades improved, and eventually, attained a Distinction in the GCE A-Level.  I will recommend to other students too! Thank you!”

Before : E grades

After   : “C” for Prelim, “A” for GCE A-Level


3. Raj, RJC

“ As I am heavily committed to my CCA and could not attend group sessions, I had one to one tuition with Mr Teng in 2011. The Economics lessons with Mr Teng were straight forward and to the point. I remember he went through the entire Macro Economics in 6  hours! It is true, you have to view the entire Economics as a whole if not you will not be able to tackle the essay questions. Mr Teng has achieved that within a very very short period of time. As I am heavily involved in my CCA and other H2 subjects, I am very grateful for this”

Before : U grades

After   : “D” for Prelim, “B” for GCE A-Level


4. Ani, CJC

“Mr Teng taught me how to memorise the entire Macro Economics within 4 lessons. As a private candidate who had gone through 2 years of JC education before, I was skeptical, but it did happen and I was able to recite the information necessary to understand the concepts that allowed me to at least produce a reasonably good essay. I wish I had found him earlier during my A Levels. He was able to connect with the students on a personal level, making the lessons engaging, and thus effective. Under his guidance, I improved from an “E” student, to obtaining an “B” for Economics (H2) in the ‘A’ Level Exams in 2009 as a private candidate at the very last minute.”

Before : E grades

After   : “C” for Prelim, “B” for GCE A-Level


5. Ann, YJC

“I have never seen a Teacher teach so fast. He is crazy! Memorised the entire globalization in 1.5 hours and I DO MEAN MEMORISED. It made me realise that Economics can be learnt very efficiently and FAST”

After   : “C” for Prelim, “A” for GCE A-Level


6. Daryl, TPJC

“Settled my H1 Economics in 6 hours during December holidays. Enough said. He was able to simplify the complicated Economics concepts, and made it easy for the students to understand. Thank you!”

After   :  “B” for GCE A-Level


7. Wei Lun, VJC

“Mr Teng’s classes are straight to the point. He tells you what you need to do to score that A for Economics. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Before : D grades

After : “C” for Prelims, “A” for GCE A-Level


8. Yong Lee, TJC

“The 3 days course is very useful. The information and 33 pages notes given summed up everything I need to know for JC H2 Economics instead of having to run through my entire file. Saved alot of time.”

“U” for Prelim, “B” for GCE A-Level


9. Gerald, ACJC

“The case study and essay techniques are very useful. Previously I was unable to write well though I understood the concepts. The focus is also very different from Junior College. The difference is most JC focused alot on the content knowledge, Mr Teng focused on helping me getting A for Econs.”

“C” for Prelim, “A” for GCE A-Level


10. Dennis, VJC

“My 2013 promo questions were exactly the same as those predicted and what Mr Teng went through. He has a huge database of questions and answers which was really useful.”

Have not taken exam yet…