I’ve not had much sleep the last few days. Trying to get ready the economics notes for download and it’s been a lot of work trying to rearrange them. These are the ones that a few staff and myself had compiled from a while ago, and we wanted improve on them going forward so that it will be easier for you to read them.
Well, when I started telling you about them – I got a some feedback asking if they can do online purchase. Let’s just say that I have gotten someone to look into it. We will try to make it downloadable, save time, save effort – which makes alot of sense to me. We might even be able to bring the price down. Not that it will save me alot of postage fee, but it removes alot of hassle. My style. Get the bots to do it rather than me do the mailing physically.

So right now it is still going for $397 . For that you will get 1200 pages of economics notes  in the form of a cd delivered to your home which will definitely help to make your life studying economics much easier. I know some people who pay much more than that in a month just to get tuition.

Stay chill.