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I have put together a short holiday course (before I go for in camp training) that I believe will help students tremendously. The strategies that I will be imparting is single handedly responsible for improving the grades of many students by at least 2 grades. 2 years ago, there was a H1 student who only engaged my strategies and got a B in A Levels despite getting Us all year round.

Yes it is that shocking. Maybe he was lucky as well.

As it is a short course, I am not attempting to cover everything under the sun. Besides, schools typically cover alot of information and  I want to prevent information overload.

So, I only have 3 things to cover in the course.

1. How to score A in essay?

2. How to score in case study?

3. How to learn Macro Economics in 3 hours and have more time for other things in life?

The sequence may change.

Please call 62894551 to register your interest.