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Extremely busy period now as exams coming close but I shall set aside 5 minutes to post this post.

Here’s quick advise to those who are still trying to win every battle (studying all topics). Save your time.

Yes, every year I like to predict A levels essay questions just for fun. There are only some topics that you need to focus on for Economics. Win the war, don’t fight every battle.

Here’s my recommendations.


Micro Economics

DD and SS

Factors affecting demand and supply.

The equilibrium and price mechanism.

Simultaneous shifts in demand and supply scenarios.


Definition of all PED,XED, PES, YED and their impact on revenue.

Mkt Structure

Pricing and output decisions for all market structures. Include graphs and explanation.

Advantages and disadvantages for all types of market structures.

Market failure 

Why Education, healthcare,  public housing, traffic congestion, constitutes market failure and what are all the pros and cons of the govt policies. With special emphasis on public housing or govt intervention in housing because that was the hot topic in 2010 to 2011.


Macro Economics


Post 2009 recession where Singapore and many other countries injected billions into their economy, what is Singapore and the other countries doing now to soften the impact of inflation? What created this inflation in the first place?

Economic Growth

What are Singapore’s measures to ensure economic growth amidst austerity measures in the external environment?

Forex stability

What is the currency war between Japan, USA, China and Korea in 2010 to 2011? What has their govt done and how does it impact Singapore’s economy?

International Trade

USA deficit problem and what are they doing to alleviate the situation. Protectionism vs depreciation of exchange rate, which is more effective?


Impact of globalization to countries like Singapore and other emerging countries like vietnam and myanmar.


For you to pass, you need the correct economic concept and analysis.

For you to do well, you need the accurate information and statistics.


If you need additional information on the above topics. Drop me a mail.


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  1. econs

    I actually hit about 3 essay questions for 2013. Did you get them? I hope you did! Stay tuned for our predictions for 2014 A levels Economics essays!

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