30-Year-Old Who Sold His Startup For $170 Million Just Wrote 1,284 Slides On How To Win Life

This post is too interesting not to share. If you would like some tips to how to be a multimillionaire, here it is. They are easy to read (took me less than an hour) and I am sure you will benefit in one way or another.

ryan allisRyanallis.comRyan Allis, author of the 1,284-slide slideshow.

Ryan Allis just turned 30. In his 20s, he created and sold a company, iContact, for $170 million.

Allis created the longest PowerPoint deck imaginable of life lessons learned over the past year.

It’s 1,284 slides and his advice includes gems such as:

“Important people like opening FedEx packages.”


“Let your inner child come out daily and silly dance.”

The presentation is separated into three parts: Life (566 slides), Entrepreneurship (449 slides), and The World (269 slides) and they are easy to read.

Access the slides here.