‘A’ Level H1/H2 Econs Tuition in Singapore

Trainers/ Teachers/ Private tutors:

1) Ms May Tan, 3 years tutoring experience, National University Singapore grad Major Economics

Ms May is the studious, detailed, serious and orthodox Economics Teacher who will be able to help you understand, remember and remember how to do well for Economics in A levels. She’s very good with details.

2) Mr Teng, 7 years tutoring experience.

Mr Teng is the economics tuition teacher with the ability to help students understand complex Economic concepts using simple analogies which leads to them scoring A for Econs in the A Levels exams in record time so that students have free time to study other subjects.



Style of teaching

Essays and case studies will be given. Notes can be obtained from this website. You can refer to the Economics notes online for FREE. Mini lecture will be conducted according to notes or in the event that notes are absent, the Teacher will  recall from memory and jotes on the whiteboard which in any case, you do not need to copy as the materials are the same as what your JC has probably bombarded you with. As Economics is a very application based subject, there will be essays and case studies attached every week for practice and discussion.


$250 per 4 lessons

Individual tuition rate please contact us. Minimum of 10 sessions is required.

Printed Essays and Notes are payable.

Why don’t you print the Economics notes in your Economics Tuition classes?

We prefer to give you the essays and case studies as you have more than sufficient notes from your JC which if you take the time to study them, you will do pretty well. You seriously do not need more content about Economics because they are all the same. We have some free Economics notes online as well if you need them. They are free because they are everywhere.

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Why do you provide the Economics notes free online?

Because we travel everywhere to teach, and we do not like to carry huge piles of notes. Besides, it is very public information which means, you can get it every where.


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